Once you have chosen the right technology and started attending training sessions, you have to practice a minimum of 2 hours a day and should come back to the trainer with all intelligent & stupid doubts. An interactive session will make everybody a happiest environment to learn. Follow the given training manuals to keep your practice in the track. Explore more using other learning sources like Wiki, Google, YouTube, etc, once you practiced your trainer’s content. Prepare your own notes in parallel to your practice which will make you to precise your understanding. Select any one person learning same and have good discussions on topics you’re learning so that you can talk to a friend with an interviewer in the interview and that generalized conversation proves you as a real-time experienced professional. Prepare all FAQs and answers for each topic and get it to be evaluated by your Trainer and ask him what easiest answer for that question is. Knowing complete jargon of a process or topic is very important as it gives more value to your conversations. Knowing a bit about competitor technologies and gaps, advantages, and disadvantages will make the interviewer to take you granted for his project.

Manageable English language skills are very important to let the interviewer know, what you know and what you can do. One can’t learn the language but a good practice will make you become a good communicator. Dress code is business attire. It’s very important to present your physical appearance in a proper dress code and a decent smile in your face. Looking straight into the interviewer’s eyes will let him experience your confidence.