Step-1: Right Counseling

99% of career failures are happening in choosing the right technology to make a career in IT. People are simply following one or the other, without knowing what is relevant to their academic and current experience. The beginning would be the same for everybody but ending differs. Anybody who learned from a proper place or the real-time Experienced Trainer and who practiced properly can crack the interview. But the only question is, do we have openings for that technology to that profile or not? Is there any possibility for that profile to get shortlisted? One can’t expect the job without an interview. So whatever we learn should be industries-demanding and can make us to get the job instantly and to work from day one.

Technology has to be chosen with respect to the candidate domain, academic qualification, years of experience, nature of current working technology, ability to work complex coding tools, salary expectations, country residing, etc., If you are not good at the start, don’t expect good at the end. There 47,763+ tools and technologies are there in the current IT market like you have lacks vehicles in the road. How you impart in choosing the right vehicle for your journey to reach your destination on time and safe. In the same manner, you should be good at choosing the right technology for your career.

We all 6 directors having 13 to 16 years of IT experience, seeing all the hell & back happens in lacks of people’s career for 15 years, decided to guide the people first and train them next. We Directors only talk to the people to let them choose the right technology or the tool for launching their career in IT. Only the training company has been operating by IT ladders of above Senior Managers & Senior Architects working in reputed MNCs. From a fresher to the senior manager level, more than 200+ people talk to us every day on their career related queries.

Step-2: Right Training

One has to learn how to learn first. We through a Real-Time Industry expert cum Trainer, give importance to the practicality more by following Class-in-Lab training methodology where the trainer will make students work on assignments then and there in the class trying for A day – A Topic accomplishment. All related interview questions and practice manuals will be given on the same day.

Step-3: Right Certifications

We guide on which certification that you need to opt and certification version, licensing procedure and assured assistance to get high score in your exam. Old & Irrelevant certification is just a tissue paper. Particularly for SAP consultants, not just for Hike & Demand, to work with cloud provisioning access, being certified is mandatory.

Step-4: Right CV & Interview

You don’t know what you don’t know. Don’t think that just by copying other’s content you can resume yourself. When you just learned new technology, designing your resume is undoubtedly a tough task. Our Real-Time working Trainer will prepare your CV with all running projects and genuine & suitable client names so that you can build trust in the interview. And 100% Interview assistance will be given by our expert-freelancers globally.

Step-5: Right Project Support

When you moved to the new technology showing experience it is mandatory to show working capability in your project, which may not be possible for everybody in every project. There would be a lot of technical nuances where you have to take support from working experts. We give 24/7/365 On-Job Support to any country residing people by our 13,000 male and female working freelancers.