What is purpose of this ServiceNow Real-Time Working Environment Program? – MiNdLiNkS started supporting people filling their gaps and claiming experience by giving Real-Time working environment to give them a tremendous strength to crack interviews successfully and to manage their duties in companies without losing jobs. It is a unique program where we not only promise but we commit 100% for Real-Time worth of expertise making you to work yourself in 2 projects.

What is Eligibility Criteria? – People who learned ServiceNow already only will be eligible to take up this program. If you haven’t learned ServiceNow before, please learn in MiNdLiNkS and come for it as we won’t teach ServiceNow in this program rather we will make you to work on it.

What is Program Plan? –

  • Each Individual will get 2 projects from Telecom Domain: Yes, Its 2 Projects from Telecom domain like where we can have much ServiceNow implementation that you will be working on.
  • Each Individual will get a dedicated PC: Yes, to give you more facilitation we are providing a highly configured dedicated system for 5 hours in a day where you should work for 5 hours without fail. And all your data & work done will be stored in that computer without data leakage & confusion.
  • Each Individual will get a unique CV prepared by us with unique projects: We won’t recommend you to copy somebody’s resume which can be a prone to keep your CV aside in companies while short listing. Here we prepare your CV with unique projects and template and even different projection of terminology to avoid the plagiarism.
  • Your CV walk-through: Our Senior Technical Consultant will sit with you and will make you to understand projects, clients, how the questions could be over the projects etc.,
  • An architect will support you: Yes, it is not just a Trainer who teach you something here, there would be a Senior Technical Architect will be in your support for you as a MENTOR right from understanding level to getting expertise on it daily for 2 hours.
  • Each Individual will get individual Interview Assistance: Yes, when you started marketing your CV and getting calls, you can take have guidance-meet with your MENTOR and can resolve your doubts prior each interview with an appointment.
  • A glance over Real-Time & difference from traditional learning: Although our training will use a domain, mostly Telecom in making you to understand Real-Time scenarios. Training can give Understanding but this program will make you to work in projects and to get expertise from. People learning from fake trainers in other institutes, with mere knowledge losing their jobs. Even they also can see the Real-Movie of ServiceNow in MiNdLiNkS with this unique program.
  • Organization hierarchy from ServiceNow project perspective: without keeping yourself zero, we will be giving a clear understanding of company’s employees hierarchy, pay structures, verification process, Hikes etc.,
  • Interacting with client users across Calls / Meetings: You will be getting 100% glance that who and what type of users will be from external stakeholders team how to interact with them and nature of calls & meetings. And includes preparing agenda of meeting and till signing off.
  • Gathering & Analyzing & Documenting Requirements from client: Most of all having myth that there would be somebody like Business Analysts or System Analysts to gather requirements in ServiceNow projects but it is a true ion some other technologies projects not in ServiceNow. Here that is you need to liaison with users, gathering requirements, Analyzing and reviewing them and finally documenting them with standards. This program offers a crystal clear picture of A&D activities.
  • Importance of Agile & its usage in ServiceNow: Entire world’s technical implementations are running under Agile processes for quick releases. You will be learning here appropriate methodologies in ServiceNow projects including Scrum implementation.
  • Learning Domain through ServiceNow Frameworks: It is an easy that you will be caught in interviews with just a question from domain [banking or insurance or whatever you keep in]. As its mandatory to have concerned domain knowledge which will be providing in this program through ServiceNow
  • Building Real-Time Project Use cases: It is an innovative technique used across projects to develop easily. A project’s business process will be changing into technical activities or tasks with Use cases. You will be learning here how to develop use cases.
  • You will be a Developer here & No Trainer: Yes, it is not just PROJECT TRAINING giving by so called Ameerpet institutes for few technologies like .Net and Java, just for money on white boards. It is that YOU want to develop the ServiceNow application according to requirements gathered and guidance by Your Technical Mentor having more than 6 Years of experience in ServiceNow and ITIL. You should develop it by your hands and to get hands-on-experience.
  • Conducing Code Reviews: whatever units of development you have done, need to be reviewed which can be a unit testing need to be performed by the developer. Here you can understand how to review the code completely.

It can be possible only for MiNdLiNkS to introduce always new technologies of different streams and encouraging to move to the new, providing training & software instances / servers access to practice by an Architect working in an MNC. You can avail 100% assured Certification & Job Assistance and 15 to 20 MNC References.

What about certification? –Certification comes next to the expertise, experience and knowledge in ServiceNow in order to get the job. Clients are giving preference to certified ServiceNow consultants offering more than 70% of hikes. We support only our students in accomplishing their certifications with above of assured 90% score.

Who is your Trainer? – Certified, working as a Technical Architect, having 10 plus years of extensive MNC experience of ITSM tools Servicenow, Remedy, Maximo, HPSM, Jira etc., and have been working in Servicenow environment soon it’s got introduced in market and MiNdLiNkS endorsed Training Professional.

Classroom & Online simultaneously & Softwares Access & Real-Time Docs:

Duration = 6 Weekends [Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 2PM IST]

Fee 20k INR

Naveen Kumar
senior trainer on sap ariba
He has 15 years IT Experience
Call on 8977924241
email : info@themindlinks.com