Which Technology should I learn? Why the Cloud?

99% of career failures are happening in choosing technology only. Thousands of people are wasting their time, money and earning disappointment in life when the selected path is not relevant to their academic background or the work experience what they have. People by nature, follow someone’s suggestion without thinking about what they need, how their profile will be suitable to it and what consequences they have to face if selection made wrong.

One has to think firstly,

  1.    Whether this technology or the tool do have openings for a fresher or below 3 years of experienced or whatever the experience they possess and whether that experience or the domain is suitable to this technology or not? Nowhere it is written that Engineering graduates have to do the coding and MBA people have to learn SAP.
  2. Nothing is impossible, but Not for everybody. Some things are possible for some people. Few people will be Code freaks but many will be having a fear of coding. Don’t think developing software application is all about coding. Very few technologies need coding these days and 95% things are happening just by customizing the given features and it’s just dragging & dropping. We have very less usage of coding or scripting when you compared to the past.
  3. Know first, how many sheep are in your flock and are you the sheep? No, you should not. Always learn one technology which is new to the market where instead of you search for companies, companies should hunt you. And it will happen when all companies have short staffed on that technology. You should be dependable in a company not dependant on it.
  4.   The beginning would be the same for everybody but ending differs. Everybody needs only 2 things. One is to get the Job and the other, to work from the Day -1. The entire world is moving towards Cloud. If you learn something, it should be of cloud. Even if you’re an experienced professional also, for up-skilling, go for Cloud only. To optimize the Cost, Developing Processes, Resources, and IT Infrastructure, Cloud entered into the market as One-Stop & Common solution. Cloud is the cheapest solution for any business domain. Cloud is easy to manage. All technology providers like SAP, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft are replacing their old & legacy on-premise technologies by the new Cloud technologies and tools. Cloud is not just the future but its present mandatory.
  5. We MiNdLiNkShas been only the source who introduced all Cloud technology trainings to the market and has been a brand, across the globe since more than a span decade. All SAP Cloud (Success Factors, C4C, Ariba, CPI/HCI, Concur, IBP, Field Glass, Leonardo etc.,) technologies and all mixed platforms (Cloud + On-premise) like S/4 HANA Finance/Logistics, BW/4 HANA, C/4 HANA, etc and Non SAP Cloud like Servicenow, Workday, Azure, Dynamics Cloud 365 CRM, DevOps on AWS., you name any technology training MiNdLiNkS has been the first birthplace. Everybody can’t access these cloud softwares out of their office IPs so everybody can’t training and everybody can’t learn from. MiNdLiNkS is only the place for all those adventurous and emerging and demanding technology trainings.